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Hello, welcome to my online life.

Hello there! You’ve made it to the part of my site where I tell you everything about me and why I am awesome and the best person ever, blah blah blah. But these days, I find it difficult to summarize my greatness into words, so I will leave that to the imagination. 

I know you’re all dying to know- yes, I have the college degree (plus one). I would take the time to go into detail, but that is something you read on a resume, which you can find here on my website. Other things you can find on my website is all the work I have done over that past few years that collectively showcase my passions and skills.

As you scroll through, feel free to click away- just don’t click right here because there isn’t anything here… Anyway, enjoy your journey through this part of the web and may the force be with you.


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If you have questions, I have answers (hopefully). Feel free to contact me, anytime!

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