Personal Logo


This is my personal logo that you can see throughout my wesbite site. It represents how I view myself as a brand. A clean, modern look with a script font interprets my the creative and organized aspects of my personality.

Mister Cooper’s Logo


I resigned the logo of this ice cream company during a project for one of my graduate classes. For more details, check out my cases studies tab!

Expression Clothing Co. Logo


This logo was designed during one of my undergradu classes. Each student was assigned a random word and essentially had to run with it, creating a hypothetical company and desgin its logo.

Alabama River Diversity Network Logo


During the final moments of my master’s, I worked with this non-profit organization and rebranded their company, as well as design a new logo. To see more, check out the “Alabama River Diversity Network” tab under “Case Studies”.


Alabama River Diversity Network Secondary Logo 

Refer to the above for the basic information regarding this project. I also created a secondary logo for this non-profit organization.