This is a case study completed for a graduate level Intergrated Marketing Communications class. The goal was to redesign a company’s logo and rebrand the company overall.




SWOT Analysis

Static Moodboard

Brand Book

Dynamic Moodboard

Competitor Analysis

Direct competitors:

Icecream franchises, such as Baskin Robins, Cold Stone, Marble Slab, etc., would be direct competitors. They directly compete with Mister Cooper’s due to the similar services they provide and social aspect. Based on the locations of each Mister Cooper’s shop, any local ice cream shops/parlors would also directly compete with us.

Some other direct competitors of Mister Cooper’s would be other adult social places, such as any local bars. Local bars directly compete with Mister Cooper’s in the aspect of providing another place that appeals to adults.


Indirect competitors:

Mister Cooper’s indirect competitors would include other dessert shops, such as Insomnia Cookies, Krispy Kreme, American Cookie Factory, etc. These places provide other options in replacement of ice cream, thus indirectly competing with Mister Cooper’s business.


The Ultimate Superfan:


The superfan of Mister Cooper’s icecream is named Shay Lub Gibralters.

He is a resident of Seattle, Washington, and loves wearing sweaters and raincoats by brands between Goodfellow, H&M, and London Fog.

He has a 2021 Macbook pro and drives a 2017 Toyota Camry.

He has red hair. 

He teaches incredibly brilliant undergraduate students communications and media practices.

He is politically active, and attends talks about LGBTQ communities in the area. However, he avoids attending large political rallies, as the presence of people generally make him feel “Eh.”

He likes drinking with friends when not at work since his students make him despair for the future of America. He is an active user of Instagram and Twitter, uses Facebook the third most, and begrudgingly uses LinekdIn.  


The average fan: 

The average fan of Mister Cooper’s is a typically valley girl named Jessica (last name irrelevant, as it usually mysteriously disappears for these types of girls) 

She is a resident of a small town outside Los Angelos, California, yet always claims she’s from “Hollywood”. Her attires consist of whatever is in-style at the time and is always carrying her iPhone with at least two social media apps open at all times.

Jessica drives a Jeep, always with the top down. Yes, always. Doesn’t matter the weather. Yet, you’ll typically see her traveling via Uber because “she enjoys the thrill.”

Always updating her social media, Jessica considers herself an “influencer” and dedicates all her time to this completing legitimate and time-consuming job.

Outside of her influencing career, Jessica hangs out with her friends with constant social media updates and will go anywhere that is deemed worthy of a Snapchat story post.

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